View Full Version : Who is interested in a Japanese Castle Map?

07-21-2007, 03:58 PM
I am currently researching to design an authentic Japanese Castle (Matsue Shiro, Shimane, Japan) at D20 scale (1" = 5')

I have some resource material, scale and am about to start.

The goal being to have a set of Japanese Castle maps ready for RPG games - like Oriental Adventures, D20 modern, ShadowRun, Cyberpunk and others.

Problem is that at D20 scale, I would have to print the first two floors each on 2 sheets at 36" x 74", with the upper floors maybe fitting on a single sheet.

One 36 x 74 is about $10 ($8 with volume), and there would be at least 7 sheets to complete the castle.

Note this is only the central tower keep of the castle (tenshu) not the three outer bailleys, a small 3 story castle, gatehouse, outerwall and moat - the latter will appear as an add-on map set, if I do this project.

Is creating an authentic Japanese castle a worthwhile project with the goal of being made available to sell on my site!

Any feedback on this? Is this a worthwhile project?
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And I am almost completed with creating an RPG Map POD shop. Although the POD shop catalog is active, there are only a few products listed - mine and 12 to Midnight publishing. Still have to create a signup and add products form. :)

07-21-2007, 11:22 PM
Sounds like a good endeavor. I will mention that there are many Sengoku players that would absolutely bang down your door to get that map. I would suggest you mentioning it to them.

There are a few Sengoku forums out there just Google them. As for printing them out, I personally wouldn't do that as there are so many Virtual Tabletop programs out there that could use a map like that. If you can try to refrain from putting a grid in. A grid should be able to be added by the user and since different systems use different grid types and sizes putting in a grid would reduce its usability.