View Full Version : Gryphon Isle

Steel General
09-29-2009, 08:08 AM
This was actually part of my August Challenge entry, but I like it enough to post it here anyway.

My usual style using 'stacked' textured layers and layer effects.

09-29-2009, 09:10 AM
I like, especially the rock and grass textures.

I see that style of marker for towers and such a lot on here (and really like them). Is that something you made, or is it a symbol/brush set I'm missing?

09-29-2009, 09:16 AM
It looks like the brush set from Ascension.

Nice map though! Lke the beaches but I love the trees! (i keep finding myself saying that, maybe I was a druid in a past life or something, lol)

Steel General
09-29-2009, 10:36 AM
Thanks... I can't remember for sure, but I think CMax is correct.

09-29-2009, 10:45 AM
Thanks! Once I knew what to look for, I found it almost immediately. Now to convert them over to gimp :)