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Roleplaying Reference:
The Imperium is mostly held with in the temperate, sub-artic band. A mature country based on the ideals of a dualistic religion of light and dark. In winter temperatures run a frigid -40, while running around 80 during the summer. In the northern area the seasons of summer are very short, technically 2.5 months but only counted officially as two months. While the southern parts of the Imperium hold summer around 4 months. Precipitation runs an average of 20 inches a year, mostly during the warmer seasons.

Excerpt From the Arcana Terra world guide

The Radiant Empire began shortly after the Blood War. Refugees fleeing the powerful magic of Nuelm. Eventualy The Radiant One Contacted the spiritual leaders of this group and led them here. Their history is one that depicts their fears greatly. Initialy banded from living in the Imperial lands magic casters eventualy became hunted, then finally enslaved. As the church grew in power they have molded the political arena, not even the emporer is above their law.

The Northern Principality is ruled by the Emperor himself. Noted by the Imperial shield which all emperors must take as their own. To the East Storgrad Ruled currently by the Ivonov Family. It is no secret nor suprise that the Ivonovs are intimately intertwined with the church. Their land holds the foundations for new priests arbitiers and even the Garsume House home to the Great flock and Praetors. Medvien, falling just south of the Imperial Principality, is home to the kingdoms foresting industry and animal husbandry. This rich area features some of the most powerfull families as well as some of the most corrupt. The most signifigant area of not is Witches HHaunt lake, This was found to be the staging point and base of the Scalmien Prince a rebel leader and terrorist bent on the downfall of the church and the empire. The southern most area, Stiglum, is known as the Shielding Prince. The land controls the most viable entrance into imperial lands and holds the majority of the Legions. In addition to this Manny arreas of intrest exist has recent discoveries of ancient ruins are excavated.

Technical Discription
I created this as my first map made using Gimp (or any other Image Manipulation Program for that manner) for several reasons. Firstly there are enough terrain variables to be useful in learning without having any Exotic features. Secondly the Game that I am currently developing takes place in this setting. and finaly I wanted to have this as the first realy beutiful map out of pure Selfish intrest. To create this map I used RobA's Tut (http://www.cartographersguild.com/showthread.php?t=1142) for regional Maps. And recieved alot of aid from manny of the folks on this list. All and all it took me About 9 Days to complete.


The Origional WIP can be found here (http://www.cartographersguild.com/showthread.php?t=7284)

More information and to stay upto date on this game visit HERE (http://www.obsidianportal.com/campaign/cold-light)