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Greason Wolfe
10-13-2009, 08:59 AM
While it is not a major concern at this stage of the game, one of the problems I've encountered in the past when using the Prescale Editing tools in FTPro is "bad data" along the edges of the map, primarily at the -180/180 degree border. It seems to me that this problem has been discussed before, but I can't locate the thread for it, so I'll bring it up here in hopes that Waldonrate (or anyone well in the know when it comes to FTPro) can offer up a solution.

In particular, the problem arises when using the Prescale Land Offset tool in Lower mode. Even with a "large tool and a light touch," I end up getting a swath of "black" that, when looking at the Map Info window results in Altitude and Rainfall data being listed as -1.$ ft/in. I don't know if this is a bug in the software that I'm going to have to work around, or if there is a solution, but I wanted to head this "beast" off at the pass, so to speak. So, if anyone knows what might be causing this and/or a solution for this problem, I'd greatly appreciate hearing it. Below is an attached image better illustrating the problem with a portion of the problem area being circled in red.

The only real solution I've tried so far is to shift the center of view (via Globe Tools) so that the -180/180 border is centered, but even then, as I was editing, I could see that the editing tool cuts out right along the border rather than wrapping around it.

As a worst case scenario, I could always export the world as a grey-scale image, shift everything in GIMP/PSP, load it into Wilbur, save as an MDR file then send it back to FTPro, but then I would lose access to the Prescale editing layer, or at least that has been my experience in the past.


10-13-2009, 11:56 AM
Something has gone wrong and you've ended up with a bunch of NaN (not a number) or INF (infinity) values. That happens sometimes with certain brushes - I was never able to determine an exact cause. Contact me via PM and I can tell you how to get a version that shouldn't have this problem as well as having a way to fix the existing damage.

One way to correct the damaged area with earlier versions of FT is to is to select the damaged area and use the Global Set operation on each of the channels with a value of 0. It's not pretty but it usually will eliminate the problem.

There was a serious bug with editing across the +180/-180 boundary in one of the earlier FT Pro versions (possibly, the update from the PF website). All I can recommend is "don't do that". Not a good solution, I know. Again, contact me via PM to find out if a test version might help.