View Full Version : Get Paid! Publisher seeking maps and other material.

10-23-2009, 06:06 PM
Well, I'm new here but I see an awful lot of very talented people here. There's no reason why some of you shouldn't get your work out into the world and have it seen. This is sort of an open call for anyone who has dreamed of seeing their work on people's bookshelves. If you've ever wanted to be published, check this out. (And no I'm not affiliated with the company, I've just worked with them and I know the owner. :P)

A publishing company founded by game geeks in Colorado is seeking talented artists, cartographers, game/adventure designers and authors. Whether its tutorials, fiction, game systems or prefab map packs, they want it. A close friend of mine runs the company and I've worked with her professionally as well. Its a small publishing house, but they have great marketing and sales channels and they are very geek friendly. They also offer an unprecedented 50% commission on all published works and very good rates on commissioned artwork, and the contract is virtually non-binding. Keep your rights, make money, and have fun doing it. Who says fair exchange doesn't exist?

Go check them out at http://www.grumpydragon.com if you've been considering publishing any of your work. Print on demand self-publishers like Lulu provide no marketing, horrible commissions, poor quality printing and it won't get your work into Barnes and Noble. Don't waste your time, seriously. A lot more goes into selling a published work than just getting it printed, that's what publishers are for, and they can help you protect your intellectual property.


P.S. I'm sorry if this looks like spam, its really not! I just keep looking at some of the maps on here and wondering why the heck they aren't in every game geek's collection. I won't rest until I can make maps like that! [superphotoshopmappingbattlemode engaged] *rawr* Cartograbunny, transform! *chills out on the caffeine now*