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10-31-2009, 08:11 PM
Using the image I put in my greeting post, I've been following the RPG Regional Map in GIMP tutorial by RobA. Overall it's coming along very nicely. Only place I can see I'll have to do some tweaking is where the mountains touch the sea (as the blur coastline trick seemed to cut off the volcano peninsula).

As I mentioned in my greetings post, this map was hand drawn over 15 years ago for table top DnD game. It's a region of my home campaign world named Doshmock (thus the file name). Below is a brief description of the region, along with it's history.

The Garovnia forest originally covered almost the entire region. In fact all of the wooded areas, including the swamp were originally part of the Great Forest as it was called then. A couple millennia ago the elves began to withdraw into the center of the forest to escape the humans who were just starting to arrive in the region. As they retreated, the forest did so as well. In a few places, the elves refused to give up their lifestyles though. Those elves who refused to withdraw, and either had some bloodline of royalty or were greatly favored by the gods were so respected by the forest that it remained with them, leaving pockets of wooded regions. The elven Magocracy of Rootstangle wood was one such region.

Long after the humans had settled into the region, the elves opened up communication and trade agreements with them. The humans learned many things from the elves, including the secrets of magic. The most powerful of the wizards developed the Helkona empire to emulate the political system the elves of Rootstangle wood had. As the Helkona wizards became more powerful, they became arrogant. They began to look down upon anyone who did not have the level of mastery over magic that they did, including the elves who taught them their trade. They began invading other kingdoms, believing that their rule was better for the people of that area. The elves of the Rootstangle wood refused to be defeated. Both the Rootstangle elves and the Helkonans developed spells so powerful that their likes have never been seen since. The kingdoms utterly destroyed each other with the powers they unleashed upon the other. The land was blasted, twisted, and uninhabitable. Over time the land healed, but the scars still remain and the area is still very wild and unsafe for large scale habitation.

A few centuries ago, Baron Doshmock arrived from north of the mountains, along with his group of adventuring partners known as "The Pack". The baron managed to band the individual city states and minor warlords of the region together with the dwarves of the mountains and the elves from the forest into a huge force to help fend off an attack against a necromantic army from over the sea. The necromancers brought with them their slaves and undead breeding stock the orcs and goblins. With the baron's guidance, the region was able to drive the necromancers back. All the people of the kingdom pledged that they would remain loyal to the Baron and his offsprin going forward, setting him up as the ruler of the region, which he named after himself. The title of the ruler is still Baron to this day, even though he holds a position more akin to a king.

Since that time, the realm has enjoyed a peaceful rule under the rule of the Baron's lineage. The other members of The Pack took up positions of guardianship of the Baron. As they got older, they trained others in their methods, laying down the tradition of an elite mixed force of soldiers in the region all known as The Pack. Although the times have been peaceful overall, there have been conflicts and skirmishes in the region. The orcs and goblins brought by the necromancers bred and flourished without their ancient masters. The barbarians along the mountain foothills occasionally find themselves at odds with the people of the region. The occasional dragon will surface who needs put down, or driven away. The necromancers have begun to reach back across from their misty islands in the ocean.

Sorry, I got carried away with the story. As can be seen, this region has been very well fleshed out with history to coincide with the map I created for it. Much of the history has been in bits and pieces. In fact, I think this may be the first time the entire history has been written out in so thorough a manner. WIP map is attached, I'll update as I get further along.

Question, is it better to edit original post and re-upload map, or add new responses with additional uploads? I think most people use the latter option, but wanted to see what the consensus was regarding it.

Matrix Mole

10-31-2009, 09:04 PM
Always best to post maps on a new post incrementally. That gives the rest of us an opportunity to "experience" the creation vicariously. We learn by making mistakes even if you're the one making them.

11-01-2009, 05:54 PM
Thank you for the info Immolate. Once I complete the mountains section, I'll upload a new copy of the map. Unfortunately, I don't get to work on it as often as I'd like, what with that silly distraction called real life.