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11-01-2009, 12:34 AM
The continent of Karlyn is approximately the size of our South America. It has four major biomes, each named for the sentient species inhabiting it: the Orcish Plains, the Elvish Forest, the Goblin Desert, and the Drake Jungle.

The vast grasslands of the Orcish Plains support huge herds of massive hairy elephant-like herbivores called behemoths. These animals are the main source of food of the native orcs, who also use the behemoths' hides for their clothes and shelters. The orcs are nomadic, forever following the behemoth herds across the plains. They fight often and can be ferocious in battle, but observe a strict honor code that forbids them from killing the unarmed.

South of the Orcish Plains grows the temperate Elvish Forest. The elves here live in a number of feudal kingdoms that, like the orcish tribes, are in a constant state of war. However, the elves are more technologically advanced than the orcs (their tech level is comparable to medieval Europe) and they are far more brutal, having no qualms about massacring entire cities.

The Goblin Desert is cut off from the rest of the continent by a range of mountains. Most of the goblin tribes are unicorn-herding nomads roaming the desert, but those goblins living near the river bisecting the desert have created a centralized civilization named al-Barjaya. The al-Barjayans practice a monotheistic religion called Isjudah and believe it is their sacred duty to convert the entire continent to it, even if they must put other species to the sword to do it.

The Elvish Forest grades into the tropical Drake Jungle as one travels southward across Karlyn. The region is teeming with many different kinds of giant reptiles, including dragons. The drakes are a reptilian species closely related to the dragons who have constructed a fairly advanced empire named Huakzil. Blood sacrifice is an important aspect of Huakzilian religion, and the Huakzilian drakes are often at war with less advanced drake tribes in search of new sacrificial victims.

BTW, those lakes you see at the transition zone between the forest and jungle were gouged out by meteors.

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Very imaginative trexmaster. So where does the map of Karlyn go from here? What are your plan for it and what do you want to do?

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I dunno. I might use it for a story later.

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this has a very world of warcraft feel to it