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11-10-2009, 09:38 PM

There are times when a company pointing out a specific product isn't advertising - it's doing everybody a favor. This is one of these times.

At Rite Publishing, we not only know how extremely fortunate we are to have Jonathan Roberts as staff cartographer. We also know that he is immensely popular. In the words of RPGNow staff reviewer Nathan Collins, Jonathan Roberts, is one of those artists that should get billing above the publisher's name. Roberts is the artist of the Fantastic Maps series, a series of maps that have rejuvenated the 2-d map PDF market.

That is why we're very proud to unleash Jonathan's latest creation, Fantastic Maps: The Dragon's Lair. If you're like us, your dragon's lairs either end up as a simple cave or as an over-complicated maze that bogs down the race to get into a dragon's stomach before the rest of the party. With The Dragon's Lair, you get a stunning map - including an easy-to-print tactical map (in B&W or color) - where all you have to do is decide what Age Category to plump in.

So if you're in the market for a boatload of XP, buy one for your DM (but no peeking!). Or if you want to showcase that Red Dragon mini in the best possible environment, you really have to pick this one up.

Available at Rpgnow for only $1.35 (http://www.rpgnow.com/product_info.php?products_id=65666&affiliate_id=203141&src=cart)

11-10-2009, 11:45 PM
... and there's the secret I was keeping. Yep, not only was this the basis for the newbieDM battlemap tutorial (http://newbiedm.com/2009/11/09/newbiedm-tutorial-the-battlemap-a-guest-post-by-jonathan-roberts/) this week but it also went up on RPGNow.

The map pack contains:
• 100px and 50px per grid resolution maps without GM information for easy use in maptool or other virtual tabletop of your choice.
• High resolution map with all GM information
• Printable map pack for use at the game table.
• Two maptool (http://www.rptools.net) campaign files that are compatible with 4e and 3.5/Pathfinder. These have lights and vision blocking built in, as well as items and set dressing placed as objects throughout.
• All set dressing images included as separate pngs. Many familiar to people here already, but the rope bridge and the golden dragon hoard are brand new.

Steel General
11-11-2009, 07:00 AM
Great news Torstan!

11-11-2009, 09:15 AM
Sweet news torstan.

11-11-2009, 10:11 AM
Thanks guys. I'll be interested to see how this one sells. Not only is it the first one up that contains campaign files, it's also the first one in which I specifically intended it to be sold directly so I went with an iconic location that lots of people can use.

11-11-2009, 05:13 PM
Savvy. Directed content for marketing and money...good idea :) Good stuff as always, bro, and I hope it sells a million ;)

11-11-2009, 07:41 PM
Congrats and Good Luck!

11-11-2009, 09:03 PM
Well we'll see :) Thanks for the compliments.