View Full Version : Problems at Photoshop CS4 extended

11-16-2009, 12:34 PM
Well, i downloaded the photoshop cs4 extended, but when i open and click at "New File" the tool stops and then the screen becomes white, so i have to close it. It does the same error all the time, when i click at New File. Someone help me please! I am a begginer, i haven´t even made a map! So, there is a solution?

Look, the error: "Photoshop has encountered a problemwith the display driver, and has temporarily disabled GPU enhancements. Check the video card manufacturer´s website for the latest software.

GPU enhancements can be enabled in the Performance panel of Preferences"

11-16-2009, 07:09 PM
First, update your video card driver.

If that doesn't fix it, turn off OpenGL acceleration before attempting to do anything. Edit > Preferences > Performance and make sure Enable OpenGL Drawing is unchecked.

If it still doesn't work, you'll probably have to contact Adobe's technical support.