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11-16-2009, 04:38 PM
This is a work in progress. I really need to work on the colors.

The Sunken Temple: Mordrend's Folly

Hundreds of years ago a group of particularly pious dwarves started a small religious colony on a small long extinct volcanic island. The high priest Mordrend lead his followers in the construction of a grand temple to venerate their favored god.

It was not long after the completion of the temple that the dwarves angered the local seafolk and invited a war with them. The dwarves felt safe in their island fortress and several years of silence from the seafolk convinced them of the wisdom of not bowing to the seafolk demands. However, those years were not wasted by the seafolk, they had been undermining the island on which the dwarves had built their temple.

The dwarves cursed the folly of Mordern's leadership and architectural choices as the temple began to sink towards the waves and the waiting tridents of the enraged seafolk. For not only did he purposelessly anger the seafolk but he had not designed any exits on the north side of the mountain, leaving them to the mercies of the seafolk that began boiling into the temple from the sea.


Because of the fifteen degree tilt the central temple has a sixty foot tall statue of the dwarvish god which has toppled over at belt level to crash on the floor below.

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11-17-2009, 05:12 PM
Poor dwarves :( ... Dwarves cant swim, right? long ago I read a book about sea-faring dwarves which shattered my 'Dwarves-live-in-mountains' view... cant remember the title tho.. oh, and I like it so far... do the 2 maps describe two levels of the temple? interesting to see where this is going...

11-19-2009, 01:08 PM
Yes, the two maps are different levels for the temple. The one on the left is the first floor and the one on the right is the second level. The players would be expected to tie up their boat to the partly submerged west balcony on the second level and can gain dry access to the first level through the crevace that has opened on the second level due to the shifting and sinking of the island. The maps line up on the stairwells and the central cathedral.