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12-15-2009, 01:36 AM

Okay, so this map wont confirm to the file size limits for this site, and I don't feel like adjusting it.

The world map is a little plain, but its meant to be the world map for a table top game cross between PFRPG and the video game Zelda. Beware this site is hosted on a very low bandwidth web server that's mostly just used for school work, and tinkering. (You've been warned.) I should note that the world map was done in CS4, using tiles from a hex editor that seemed to crash every few seconds on my computer. It was a bit tedious, but if any one is interested in technique I can share.

Now i think that map for the most part is done, but my project is to develop individual maps for key locations like villages, cities, dungeons, and whatever else. Now some of these maps will be easier than others, but I am working on my first map area and I could use a little help.


So basically this is pretty generic and done with layers and seamless textures made in Genetica and then using PS CS4 stacking up in the right order it works for a basic map. Now not being very artistic, I am not sure how to do buildings. For this specific map I would like to include a theme of small farming village with a mine. I have both those elements, but I need help on ideas for doing houses/huts and a small fort. Roads and stuff I can do in a similar fashion after housing and what not is finished.

Any advice, including on what I have done already is welcome, but me being a noob at this go easy!

Steel General
12-15-2009, 06:07 AM
You could try looking at the User Creation forums for Dundjinni, lots of buildings of various types you could download 'drop' onto your map.