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01-07-2010, 04:44 PM
These are my first maps to be really shown off. Sandpoint is the main little town in Paizo's Rise of the Runelords adventure, and I've used a combination of the map of Sandpoint provided, and the description of the twon hall as a basis for these maps.

The basement, we are told is used as the town bank. I've made it a cavern, the same rough shape as the building above, with a few man made features to create "vaults".


Next up is the ground floor, I see a big room for town meetings, and then some storage areas etc...


Finally we are told the mayor holds an office upstairs, I've also put in a balcony, so that the main hall below can flow up to the rafters. I envisage the roof as having either open spaces, or glass windows (there is a glassworks in town) to let in light, hence no side windows ;).


I don't feel these are really finnished yet. Perhaps they need some more dressing, but I don't want to go OTT.

So what would you do next?

01-07-2010, 05:02 PM
You've really mastered Tostan's tutorial style. These are really great. Looking forward to seeing more from you. :)

01-07-2010, 05:10 PM
You've really mastered Tostan's tutorial style. These are really great. Looking forward to seeing more from you. :)

Thanks Ramah, I'm sure that owes more to Tostan's skill at tutorial writing, than my skill at map making! Using his icons for dressing helps too ;)

I have a few ideas where I'd like to go differently stylistically, but I think I'd rather pin the basics down before I try that.

01-07-2010, 06:39 PM
Is that all gimp with a tablet? Nice job!

-Rob A>

01-08-2010, 04:00 AM
All GIMP, no tablet though, just the laptop touchpad....

The "interesting bits" (external walls, fireplaces, internal walls in the vault, desk etc) are Tostan's tiles, copy/pasted a lot with the exception of the shingles for the small roof, and the internal walls from the ground floor up, and the book cases on the upper level. I did those myself.

A tablet would be nice I think....

Steel General
01-08-2010, 06:43 AM
Neat stuff here...

01-13-2010, 12:30 AM
Touchpad? That's impressive! For drawing, I'd rather use a mouse.

01-13-2010, 04:05 AM
Touchpad? That's impressive! For drawing, I'd rather use a mouse.

Lol, well when I'm sat at a desk, I use a mouse, and a proper keyboard. But I tend to do my mapping on the sofa in the evening chatting with the misses, so no room for a mouse or anything.

I am tempted to get a tablet, and that would probably convince me to migrate to the dining table. :)

Thanks for the nice words!

01-13-2010, 12:42 PM
Hi there, meant to come by and offer some C&C on these. They're looking good - and certainly usable in a game. Are you printing these out, using them in maptool or using them in some other program?

Okay, a few tweaks. I'd suggest that you drop the opacity of the grid way down. It's very dominant right now. I'd also lower the opacity of some of the wall shadows. If you look at the Top Floor map, you'll see that the walls to the right have very soft shadows, whereas the walls on the left have shadows that are almost black. I'd suggest changing the outer walls too - the earth backing suggests an underground room with stone walls backing onto dirt rather than an upstairs. Equally, walls throw shadow on both sides. I'd put some form of outer shadow around that upper floor to emphasise that it's upstairs.

Does the mayor have windows? If so, I'd mark them. Players have a habit of not wanting to go through the front door so you'll need to know where the windows are.

Hope that helps!

01-14-2010, 03:06 PM
That's exactly what I was looking for, thanks.

I'm aiming to make them usable for printing or VTT, but mostly just playing for the moment. So long as they look god on my screen, they will be fine if I need them. ;)

On the upper floor, the left is darker as I used a black-soft lighted on the floor area to try for the effect of the floor being lower there....

That is probably also what's emphasising the shadows.

I'll take that out I think, and play with longer shadows on that area instead, and then have a play with the walls...

01-14-2010, 03:45 PM
Glad it was useful. Post a new version when you've got one and I'll pitch in again.

01-16-2010, 09:36 AM
Ok,The upper floor again, this time with a better(??) attempt at shadows...


I actually like the effect the earth backing gives. I see it as a kind of pathway around the building...

01-31-2010, 08:01 PM
I think it's absolutely wonderful as-is, but it would also be nice to add some bushes or tress around it, IMO. Also, maybe some throw rugs or tables if you're in to that sort of thing. That first room seems awfully large to be completely empty is what I'm saying. Even if it's used as a meeting hall and a ballroom for town dances and such, they would still need tables for the city council and chairs for the audience, etc.

But, like I say, I love them both!