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01-09-2010, 08:44 PM
Here is a set of maps generated by my javascript routine that will eventually be the basis for a collection of 2600+ city maps located in my fantasy world Avalon. The first map shows the inhabited areas of the city in tan and major roads in brown. The second map replaces the tan squares with colored squares showing the wards of the city. Each square is an acre in size.

The code is loosely based on Ross's Medieval Demographics. The actual dimensions of the city are based on the total population divided by an average population per acre. The grid is then dynamically sized and then the city extents are determined. Based on the final dimensions of the city, the actual population per acre is determined.

I am currently breaking the city generation into stages and will be able to provide several tabs for each city when it is generated. The first tab will be the city's origin, the second tab will be a mid-life growth point, the third will be the current city. The ward tab will show the divisions of the city.

Other options I'm considering are a political map that highlights "who" controls the various parts of the city, similar to the ward map. A zoom feature that allows the viewer to get to more detail in each area of the map. If I develop a zoom function, the 10x10 tiles will be replaced with more detailed random images with buildings and terrain suitable for the ward they are associated with.

The map will be merged into my world wikia and have the text part of the city description to go along with the graphical map.

Comments? Suggestions?

01-09-2010, 10:15 PM
Looks pretty good in terms of city planning...even the roads connect (I've seen a lot of these that are totally random). I can't really add anything so good job :)