View Full Version : Bug report: Search doesn't quite work

01-24-2010, 12:08 PM
During the discussion of how to restore the Finished Maps search string, I played around with the new search module. It kinda works, but not quite.

I open the Advanced Search page, click over to "Search by Type," put my name in the User Name field and change the drop-down to Find Threads Started by User.
In the Additional Options, I scroll down and highlight Tutorials/How-To.
Click the Radio button for Show Results as Threads, and hit Search Now.

The search results show a single thread: my tutorial about using the Clone Stamp tool (the most recent I wrote). Going back through the forum, though, I see that my other tutorials are still there.
If I forget to click that radio button, I get no results at all. If I choose Show Results as Posts, I get no results.

It's possible that I am doing something wrong, but I'm a fairly savvy user, so if I can't figure it out, it's fairly likely that a large number of other people will also have trouble.

I'm poking around in vBulletin's forums to see if anyone has addressed the problem, but I'm not seeing much yet.

01-25-2010, 08:29 AM
I think search functions are listed as a current complaint that I've seen pop up, and I have several active bug reports with vbulletin...there should be another patch within the next week or so that I'm hoping fixes some of the currently listed bugs. If not, then I'll have to look into something a bit more home spun.