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01-26-2010, 10:52 AM
I have seen some of you have invented a very own species; like me, and I wish to know more about them, I'm very interested in anything that is not human lol:D

If you have invented a species, please post something about it;)

This is mine:
Maraxxian (Maraxxiai)
Average Length: 2,12 meters

Average Weight: 98 kilograms

-Haridaxxian (Maraxxian): 92%
-Faljüdax: 6,3%
-Haridaxxian (Original): 1,6%
-English (Common): 0,1%

Total population: 5.476.291.000.000 (est.)

Home planet: Maraxxia

Closest Relative: Falidaxian (Faljüdaxa)

Diet: Carnivore

Average Skin Color: Human skin color with a little bit of red.

Average Life Span: 130 years

Type: Humanoid

Racial uniquenesses: Long muscle from tip of shoulder to behind ear, medium to high telepathic abilities.

01-26-2010, 11:04 PM

Average Height: 5.4 feet

Average Length: 2 meters

Average Weight: 130 kilograms

~Lonaish (49%) *English variant
~Ekeli (11%)
~Eastern Imrili (20%)
~Unirian (5%)
~Ancient Ekelian (4%)
~Other (1%)

Total population: 20 000 000 (est.)

Home planet: Aiad

Closest Relative: Rabbit

Diet: Omnivore

Average Skin Color: Greyish white; brown variants have been observed however.

Average Life Span: 45 years

Type: Rabbitoid

Racial uniquenesses: Physique similar to a velociraptor, Temperment and appearence of a rabbit, intelligence similar to humans, though less prone to greed.

i have been meaning to upload a sketch of these guys for a while now....:x

01-27-2010, 02:24 AM
OMG It's a Romulan guy! Drawn by me!!!

01-27-2010, 07:13 AM
I'm kinda close to Rythal in that my race is closely related to rabbits/hares but what the hey.

ITHEKIN (If-air-kin)

Average Height: 4.6 Feet

Average Weight: 65 kilograms

- Ith'N (Common Language very similiar to Dal'N Human)
- Giant (Northern Second Tongue)
- Ancient Serran (Shaman's Only)
- Other (Other Foreign Languages like Belkid)

Total population: Unknown

Home planet: Aia (in their tongue)

Closest Relative: Ihlii Grass Hare

Diet: Omnivore

Average Skin Color: Light browns, greys or tans with white faces and underbellies. Males have a scraggly darker coloured ruff around their necks and shoulders.

Average Life Span: 70 years

Type: Humanoid

Racial uniquenesses: Long tails used for balance, large black marks under eyes, very strong leg muscles for long distances running or high speed sprinting, long wing-lke ears for dispelling heat, high sensitivity to magick, keen eyesight and natural fear of heights.

I had a sketch around my room somewhere that I'll post later. I've got more, but I'll probably post them later...


01-27-2010, 09:15 AM
Falidax (Faljüdax)
Average Length: 1,95 meters

Average Weight: 85 kilograms

-Faljüdax: 82%
-Haridaxxian (Maraxxian): 9,2%
-Haridaxxian (Original): 5,4%
-English (Common): 3,2%

Total population: 1.265.905.000.000 (est.)

Home planet: Falidaxxia

Closest Relative: Maraxxian (Maraxxiai)

Diet: Omnivore

Average Skin Color: Caramel with brown stripes, little indications of red.

Average Life Span: 100 years

Type: Humanoid

Racial uniquenesses: Long claws on hands, able to see infrared radiation, low telepathic abilities, strong muscled legs for sprinting and jumping, aggressive and treacherous nature.

01-28-2010, 02:49 AM
While digging through my worldbook notes I came across a sketch I did several years ago of a race I created called a Torg. I need to test out my digital camera anyway and using it to process images from paper into my PC.

Anyway, I think I want to paint this guy up now that I look at him. A little of the resolution has been lost but maybe that's from my attempts to make it more clear. Next time I will take the shots outside instead of on my desk here.

So, here he is marching straight at you :)