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02-05-2010, 04:00 PM
This is half of the main map I am making for an upcoming 4e module I plan to release in March. I found a pic of manor house map (Little Wolford Manor) and created a map based generally on the floor plans. I divided the map into three parts to make it fit better into a pdf ebook: the west wing, the east wing, and the upper floor.

Here is the west wing, and I'd appreciate any and all critiques and suggestions, as this is my first attempt at photoshop mapping.



Wilford Manor has become a den of a mysterious group of monks in gray, who have taken over the house and terrorize the local village. No one knows what happened to the Lord and Lady of the Manor, but given the sinister nature of the grey-robed interlopers, the locals fear the worst...

Area 1 — Entry Hall:

"Muddy tracks mar the once lavish carpets that run along this hallway. The wooden floors beyond the carpets show scuffs and dirt from years of neglect. An archway opens from the hall to the west The eastern way is barred by a triple-locked doorway."

Area 2 — The Great Hall:

"This was the Great Hall of the Manor, once used to entertain guests. Now it looks like a dormitory, with crude cots and straw mattresses lining the walls. Satchels and backpacks hang from the ends of some of the cots. Dying embers smolder and pop in a fireplace to the south."

Area 3 — The Solar:

"Archways lead to the west and the south away from the makeshift dormitory. Through to the south, there is the remains of a solar, but is now been made into a bedroom. The bedrolls are nicer here, perhaps belonging to the hulking cultist that you had just defeated...?"

Area 4 — The Parlor:

"An archway leads to the west, past a spiral staircase and into what was once a parlor for the lord of the manor. But it now appears to have become a makeshift prison. Rough pallets of straw line the room, and manacles on chains have been stapled to the once richly polished hardwood walls. Two of the pallets appear to be in better condition than the others, and lack manacle—perhaps these were for the guards to watch prisoners kept here. Discarded clothing is piled in a box, clearly belonging to a number of different people. There is currently neither prisoners nor guards in this room."

02-05-2010, 09:53 PM
It's a really nice start, but I'd suggest you try these:

Make the walls and roof a different texture to your floor texture. If you need textures, google Mayang Textures... you'll find millions.

I'd also try and give your floor tiles a bit of variety..use a dodge and burn just make em all a little bit differnt to each other.

When you use the bevel and emboss command, never go for the default highlight option, either bring the opacity down or use the colour picker to get a hue closer to the 'main' colour rather than the really bright white it gives you by default.

02-06-2010, 05:10 AM

Thank you for the suggestions. I haven't had much experience with the dodge and burn tool, but am familiar with the concepts from my school paper photographer days. I'm still learning the bevel tool, and I love the fx but yes, the white highlight can be a bit over the top.

I've been using Image After (http://www.imageafter.com/index.php) for textures, but it looks like Mayang has even more, so I'll definitely have to dig around there for some cool floor stuff. 8)

02-06-2010, 05:57 AM
A lot of people around here also love the Genetica Viewer (and full Genetica if you can justify it) - yes, I'm one :P

The viewer is free, and can be used to modify any genetica files (colours, contrasts, etc) and can help get some interesting things going on.