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02-08-2010, 07:42 AM
Hey there folks, long-time lurker, first time poster. I'm constantly held in awe of the quality of work produced here.

I'm going to be DMing a game of D&D in about 4 weeks or so, and what I'd really like to do is unroll a nice, freshly printed, original map for them on the day. I'm looking for something I could get printed on a 2'x3' paper. Because this is unpaid, I'm obviously not looking for professional quality, but I've seen some of the beautiful work that gets produced here under the guise of semi-professional, and that is more than perfect.

To this end, I've attached a hilariously rough outline of the shape of the two major landmasses, along with a brief outline of particular labels it would need. As to the style, I'm looking for something similar to this (http://scarlet-blades.com/Images/Golarion%20Map%202400.jpg), but one of the major themes of this campaign is that this is a world in it's autumnal stage. The golden age has passed. So the color scheme should somewhat reflect that: red-orange where browns would usually go, yellow-green where greens would usually go. The only deep colors I'd like to see are for the blues of the sea, and greens of the remaining clumps of forest.

The outlines is below, I hope I was detailed enough in the description. I know it would mean a lot to my players if this came through within the next 4 weeks. I don't need to tell anyone here how evocative and awesome a nice map is. Thanks so much for even considering this, it amazes me that this place exists and has produced such fantastic results! My email is acekevin-at-hotmaildotcom if any takers want to contact me requesting further information or anything.

Regional boundaries should be a red dotted line.
Roads should be a thin grey line.

The Sunset Ocean is to the west of the western continent, The Stormsea is between the two continents.

The Western Continent is, for the most part, fertile, hilly land, except where otherwise noted below. Rivers cut through it at the discretion of the mapmaker, as I don't know much about the sensible placement of rivers. The general shape of the continent and regional borders are outlined, but obviously no world is made up of straight lines. The major cities all have roads connecting them in as sensible a manner possible.

1. Absalom

This region is mostly plain green land. The single marked city is called Absalom(capital of the entire continent).

2. The Duchy of Alk-mend

This region is one of the few mountainous areas on the western continent. The northernmost marked city is called Northport. The other four cities, from north to south, are Alkenstar(capital), Ustradi, Forge, and Brazen, and these four are all positioned along the only mountain range on the continent. This is a steel-grey to red-brown region, mostly.

3. Kyonin

This is a forested region, nice deep greens, and the single marked city is called Escadar(capital).

4. The Duchy of Greenhart

This is a region renowned for their apple orchards. It should be pleasant shades of green. The northern city is Appleton, the eastern city is Hillfield, and the third city is Orchard(capital).

5. The Duchy of Kortos

This region is where the red-browns of Alk-mend and greens of Greenhart meet and merge. A very hilly area. The single city is Kortos.

6. The Dungparcel

This place is all earthtones. Mostly brown, and patches of yellow-green, like a lawn clinging to life. The northern city is Korhall(capital), and the southern city is Heapstill.

7. The Duchy of Andoran

The northeastern portion of this region is taken up by the Storval Plateau, a vast expanse of red earth. The southern city is Southport, and the other city atop the plateau is Almas(capital).

8. Katapesh

Smallest region on the continent, it's essentially simply a city-state consisting of the enormous city and the miles of outlying farmlands.

The Middle Isthmus is a grey-green land, the only label needed is "Realm of the Madking". It is bordered on the east by the Katapesh Canal. The city on the eastern edge of the canal is called Lastwall.

The Eastern Continent is a land of the ruins of broken kingdoms, and kingdoms struggling to find a foothold in the world. It is a rough pastiche of several types of terrain.

1. Varisia

A patchwork of heavily mountainous terrain, grasslands, and scrub forests. There are two major deciduous forests, the dark green one should be labelled "The Hoarwood", and the light green one should be labelled "The Weirwood". The city in the Weirwood is called Celwynvian.

2. Barbaros

This land is an icy region, a tundra/taiga with coniferous forest-land, and rocky, snow-covered mountains.

3. Belkzen

This is a desert region, with the north of it grading into savannah. The river running through it is The Gefall, the northern city is Urgir, and the riverside city is Peshpaak.

4. The Wildling

This region is by far the largest open space in this world. Full of the crumbling ruins of dead civilizations, it is a mess of grassland, snaking rivers, scrub forests, and craggy cliffs. There is one city, just north of the delta of the river, called Oabar.

5. The Ka-dor Mountains

This is the northern mountain range on the continent. The river that flows through it is a very wide river called The Ka-dor River The single city marked here is the location of the biggest mountain in this world, and the city and mountain share a name: Dwermount. Important: The northern face of Dwermount is directly against the bank of the river, and the north bank of the river butts right up against the Hoarwood.

6. The Aegis

This is the southern mountain range. The eastern city is called Rediron, the other is Greysteel.

The Northern Archipelago is called The Shackles. It is a series of dozens of tightly-clustered, swampy islands, sort of but not really stretching the gap between the northern tip of the western continent, and the outward-jutting tip of the eastern continents.

The Southern Archipelago is made up of islands more similar to Hawaii; that is, volcanic, tropical islands. They are a couple hundred miles due south of the canal.

Final Notes
The rule of thumb with roads on the western continent is that all roads lead to Katapesh. Escadar and Hillfield have the major roads leading to Katapesh.

The only road on the eastern continent is one due east of Dwermount coming from the eastern edge of the map, stretching to Dwermount, and then continuing along the north bank of the Ka-dor River to Oabar. This road should have a single branch point at the eastern edge of the Ka-dor Mountains, and this branch leads south through the Wildling, to Lastwall, then through the Madking's realm, ending in Korhall. The first road should be labelled "The Caravan Road", the branch is "Man's Road".

The eastern edge of the map should sort of gradient until it's just white, an arrow should point east labelled "To Tian Xia".

I'd like the scale of this to be 1''=100 miles when this is printed on a 2'x3' sheet of paper. For reference, the western continent should be about 3 inches from the west edge of the map, about 5 and a half inches wide and 13 inches tall at this scale. The Madking's realm should be about an inch and a half. The sea between the continents should be 1 inches at the narrowest point, 3 at the widest. The eastern continent should take up the rest of the map.

02-13-2010, 02:39 PM
That map reference is gorgeous. The forest texture particularly. I'd like to have a crack at emulating it, but I can't promise you the map by 8th March...it may be end of March when I finish it as I have a lot on in r/l at the mo. If you've had no takers, I'll give it a go. For the map to work at the size you want it, it's going to need a heck of a lot more detail in terms of towns and cities etc. If you're happy to really populate the map with features, I'll do it for you.

Tell me if you'd like me to go ahead or if you already have any takers.



02-15-2010, 10:18 PM
I'd love to go ahead! I'd definitely love to get down into more detail. Could you email me at acekevin@hotmail.com with a short blurb about what kind of detail is needed?

02-16-2010, 08:18 AM
Hi AceKevin, I understand that your commission has already been taken by Davros01? Are you in touch with him directly? Please see the comments on this thread. (http://www.cartographersguild.com/showthread.php?9289-Another-unpaid-commission)If your commission has beeen taken please say so on the thread so it can be marked accordingly - it avoids double take ups and lets mapmakers know which threads are still looking for a map maker.