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02-13-2010, 05:01 AM
Hello All

This is a paid commission. Budget for 200 dollars but I am open for realistic negotiations. I am willing to pay 50% upfront. I have bought lots of commissioned art but never a map. Be gentle. Be fair. There is a lot more work forthcoming. Once the “new world” is completed there will be need for regional, city/settlements and adventure maps. I read and tried to follow the request guidelines

Reply directly to scoutzout – at—gmail.com.

Time Constraints
Very flexible on time. I assume it will be an iterative/collaborative effort.

I am looking for a map similar to some of these styles “Atlas Style”– realistic with enough detail to show the impact of the catastrophic events on North America.

I really like this style as well

I would like to see a level of detail found in Forgotten Realms maps but the examples I selected are good starting points.

Description of Map
The map would be of a post apocalyptic North America altered greatly by natural and unnatural disasters. I am very flexible on the map and would like realism dotted with fantastic elements. The overall map should be identifiable US but one that is broken and devastated.

Canada and the North a vast wasteland of ice and snow and new mountains etc. Lot of flexibility here as most of it is wilderness.

The West coast is now a chain of islands much like the Aleutians or Japan. Large and small island remnants of the “Big One” devastating CA, OR, WA and parts of NV, ID and AZ

The remaining areas of the west up until now completely cratered volcanic hell on earth. Ash, volcanoes, mountains, massive canyons. Major feature would be “The Caldera Crater” which would be the epicenter of a large volcanic blast that devastated much of this area. Call Wyoming a CRATER and go from there..ash wastelands lands, new mountain chains and massive canyons
Area of Ashfall if it really happened (just food for thought)

The Midwest is the most “hospitable area” in the US now from southern MN down through TN and AR, the Midwest is relatively intact.
I would like to see the Mississippi river and perhaps some more lakes in the Midwest. This is where most of the remaining population is living and where modern civilization is rebuilding. Perhaps a larger great lakes area fed from the icy north?

The Eastern shores are much the same as the West. Islands along the entire coast. Devastated by mega- tsunami and shifting plates. I want to give the center of the US a feeling of being surrounded on all sides by devastation

The Gulf of Mexico is relatively intact except FL, GA MS, LA and parts of SC are vast swamplands.

Areas of interest. City States, Settlements, ruins etc. These details be explored in greater detail with more regional/focused maps. Perhaps a second map focusing on the Central US (as described below) in this fashion.

Quality & Size
• Professional Quality – this will be displayed as both print and web
• Dimensions of map – this I am not sure of.
• Raster / Vector – again not sure

Copyright – I will have copyright of the map, but the illustrator can display freely once released from NDA

02-15-2010, 03:48 PM
This has been taken..thanks for the responses

03-02-2011, 03:06 PM
I understand this is taken. That's really cool. Still, I would love the opportunity to do something like this. I think stuff like this is a big reason why some of us get into making maps. The sense of re-forming the world can feel very cool and powerful.