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02-16-2010, 12:22 PM

This is my first post so ill start off witha cheer. I really like the side and i must admit some maps are simply gorgeous. So i decided to look for some criticism and feedback to master the lore :). Im not a artist myself rather a GM and world-creator. So my freehand drawing skills are rather low. Currently im reworking the map pf Syron ive made a while ago after reading some tutorials (thanks guys nice read @RobA and Ascension). My tool of choice is GIMP. Im currently done with the toughest part (mountains) and nearly happy with them. Maybe you could give me hints on how i can improve the coastline and get the woods to shapen out more. Ill attach the sourcemap aswell so you can see where it started (made with no clue what GIMP offers). Thanks for feedback


02-16-2010, 02:27 PM
Your forests look pretty well already, you should first finish most of the underlying terrain before tweaking them more. The coasts are too smooth and need to be fractalized a bit. Searching this forum should turn up some techniques you can apply in GIMP.

Mountains are otherwise good but for the clean border between the snow caps and the bare rocky slopes. You can fix this by adding some blur (and Filters → Noise → Spread, in case you have the snow caps on their own layer with a mask)