View Full Version : Two locales for upcomming city adventure

Aval Penworth
03-10-2010, 10:48 PM
The Black Dog's Tavern and The Pig and Stoat Inn. WIPs for upcoming city adventure.

The Black Dog has been a feature of my campaign world since 1997 and my players know it well, but I have decided to upgrade the map. It is actually meant to be a dark and shadowy place lit by candles and multi-coloured lanterns, but depicting such lighting is well beyond my CC3skills at the moment. I often refer to the pools of coloured light when describing the action taking place there, to help enhance the mood of the scene. The stone golem acts as a very effective bouncer. The Tavern has long been a front for black marketeers. It is the place to go when you need to sell something fast or want to acquire some under-the-table goods.

The Pig and Stoat is the inn of choice for outriders when they are in town. The outriders are comissioned by the governor to keep a lookout for bandits and wandering monsters in the region. It is here where an adventurer can pick up handy information about newly discovered lairs or hobgoblin incursions ahead of the authorities.

03-11-2010, 09:50 AM
Looks pretty cool. If you want to add some shadows, you can go to the sheets option and go to walls and add a wallshadow.. also you can do similar with the floor and other objects.