View Full Version : The Complete Architecture Handbook

10-07-2007, 01:22 AM
Found this book today at Indigo/Chapters and picked it up.


Very useful and insightfull, and needless to say is giving my a lot of grist for the October Challenge (and I suppose it kinda funny I am pointing it out to my competition ;))

And, it is cheap. Cost me less than $20 Canadian.

An example of exactly how chock full of goodness this book is, it starts with the earliest examples of architecture, like the White Temple in Uruk Mespotamia (Circa 4000 BC), through the Persian Empire (With an example of the Palace of Xerxes I), through the middle ages with all sorts of catherdrals, castles, etc, to Modern (Sydney Opera House) and Post Modern.

See the examples below with info on Vaulted Cielings in Gothic Cathedrals. Every page is loaded with diagrams. VERY GOOD BOOK!