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03-23-2010, 02:44 PM
So I was messing around with geocontrol, I have to thank Pasis, for the reminder on how great a program it is, but well this is my first go at it, and I don't really know how to make a "city" worth while still messing around but this is the basic of if, any help, idea, comments are welcome! Also I don't think the scale is right at all...

p.s. Mountains by Geocontrol, all the rest done by Photoshop

03-23-2010, 04:07 PM
So I messed around a little bit more, used Ascension's Forest, and a little of his roads on his Town Tutorial, but still working around different ideas, But any comments would be grand!

03-23-2010, 04:21 PM
I like this a whole bunch. The mountains look stellar, but I think the woods could be done a bit differently. The thick black outline doesn't really fit with the overall look. Try removing it and maybe put a drop-shadow on the forest, to give it some perspective. Then it'd really fit in nicely, in my opinion.

03-23-2010, 06:58 PM
Thanks for the input, I kind of wanted to wrap it up, so I put a few finishing touches on it, did a little tweak to the tree (I like the trees, but I think I may want to do another style... I'll play with it another time) but I think I'll call it done, and start on a larger town...

03-23-2010, 07:16 PM
I think it looks nice, you get a great idea of the general area. The coat of arms looks nice too (I love a bit of heraldry on maps!). I think the text might be better with a more neutral white glow rather than yellow though but that's just my preference. Also border! I think many maps would benefit from a border even if it's only a simple 2-3px two-colour affair.

Still just minor things and again, personal preference. Great map.

Aval Penworth
03-23-2010, 07:35 PM
I agree that the mountains look great. Almost look like photographs.

03-24-2010, 02:18 AM
Hey looking good, the mountains are great and the insignia is even better, make smy attempts at insignias look like crap. Repped.


03-24-2010, 12:13 PM
Hey Thanks everyone! Hopefully I can get this into a larger scale map, well this style atleast! haha got to remember how I pulled it off! But hopefully like most things I do, I can replicate it just fine.