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04-05-2010, 02:29 AM
Ok so the idea here is mostly a rip and tweak off of the stargate universe serries.

A ship made a billion or so years ago is traveling through space the inhabitants are gone (long dead; evacuated; or just never there)

Ship Has advanced AI features ( can plan based on data collected from interior and exterior sensors; can extrapolate information with minimum input [I.E. we're hungry.... hungry= needs food = animal and vegitable matter compatible to morphology to be digested and turned into food = planet scan brings of multi choices at multie distance = compare safety time and amount = ship stopping at planet x that has food on it.]).

Ship needs crew to affect repairs and facilitate mission (original mission to be discovered later).

the ship chooses teenagers from ages 15 to 17 for the following.

adaptability of mind
Life span left
physical maturity to preform delicate and complex tasks
adaptability of emotional states

Teenagers are not aware they are on a ship initialy.

How it all works into this sight....

Ship Map
Modular tiles
continuos map project
more shutle/landing craft maps
alien enviroments map
much much more

THis is the pre post I should have a bit more later...

04-05-2010, 04:14 AM
Ok First couple instalments.

This was made using Maptool and tokens gathered from other places. Its easy to do tiling like this in that program a screen shot is then exported on a whight background as a PNG (using a standard 5 feet per square metric this measures out to be a 12x8 )

The set dressing was then added, this is also the place where one would do any staining or weathering.

This was made with the MT Process. its basically a test configuration with different images for style comparisons (mesure 4x4)

So far the final project as Master plan sees it. (measure 24x18 )

things to note

I know this is a waste of space

There are curently no refresher/ utilities

The round thing in the rooms are wardrobes.

yes the map is unfinished

Remember at this point and time the ship has just brought them on board. I wanted to make somthing that was more familiar to a planet dwelling human. Hence no super sci fi and the large coridors (in hind sight these are large even for humans will need to look at shrinking them)
Or go with the excuse of using large corridors in this as to subvert disoriented collisions.

Any who each room fits two inhabitants making this section fit a total 32. As the begining area there will need to be a few things like eating room library/studie; and a ready room of some sort.

will keep working

04-05-2010, 05:07 PM
This is a long 24x6 room that I made into a dual restroom for the inhabitants

First No shadow empty

Then the one with shadows and filler for restroom

Now All togather

04-05-2010, 09:53 PM
last post for the night. I wanted to make a commons area the dinning facility should be familiar yet pose the same technology as the rest of the ship. In the dining area we find simple metal chairs and furnishing we would expect to find in a gally that bought its equipment hoge pog like. the idea hear is that the first tech intigration for the new members would be the consol they use for ordering food. the microwave would be used to retreive hot dishes and the refregerator would be used to deliever cold dishes and drinks. there is a coffee maker by the fridge that supports hot drinks. The sink would function as a matter recycler of sorts taking the individual matter composing the dishes and reintigrating them back into tanks and what not. the area for the kitchen would be closed to the players initialy.

The "kitchen" is actualy comprised of a series of machiens desigened to arange and manipulate matter. One lone service droid would be here to maintain. a consol in this room allows a user to modify parameters and preformance of the machines as well as program new menue items. As the players grow acoustome this will be unlocked at a later time.

THe lounge functions as an entertainment and work out room. Obviously the ship once again made every thing familiar to the user designing the systems to reflect objects from their society. it is also planned that the computer had downloaded a small meassure of entertainment for the members.

The door leading out of here is also locked.

Next thing to add is the areas for study and computer use.

The first time the characters encounter this room several doors are blocked

Same room with doors un blocked

The Latest complete map

06-07-2010, 12:46 PM
so when will this be finished?

04-12-2015, 01:26 PM
Sorry Sadist I just got back on the sight after a long Hiadis I'm not sure if I will begin working on this project again in the future