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04-06-2010, 01:47 PM
Hey everybody,

I am creating an RPG based in medieval times and this was a test map to see how it would come out. This is the town of Tobin, a medieval based down situated near the north west corner of the island my game is based on (I haven't though of a name yet lol).

This is the finished map, below.


I doubt I will use it though, since there are way too many roads. I made it with the RPG Map Generator but didn't really know how to use it until I experimented. I then followed Pyrandon's tutorial on create "A Medieval Town Map" which was a fantastic tutorial and helped loads. I also made a world map but I'll probably re-do that sometime too.

The brightness in the middle is meant to be the glow of the torches from the roads lighting up the city, that's why its so dark around the edges.

I hope you like it :)