View Full Version : Use of RPGMapShare graphics

04-09-2010, 08:41 PM
I wanted to get your opinions on this.

I'm putting together a software project, and I'd like to use some of the graphics from RPGMapShare. (I'm guessing that many of the contributors there are also here (or are of a like mind) and the forums over there aren't too active.)

I see the licenses there are either "personal" or "personal and commercial." So is the intent that commercial applies only to publishing maps with those images, or can I include them in whatever such as a software app?

Also, (if the answer to the previous question is it should be ok...) if there is some mapping element (like a desk or chair or whatever) as part of an map that is marked as "personal and commercial" can I copy that element out for use in the software app?

FYI: I'm only planning to do the basic things. A square table in a light color and one dark, a dark grain chair and an alternate. I don't plan on doing 12 variations of each. That would make the download size horribly large of course. And people can import their own.