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Thread: Subterrainian Map Prettier Script

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    Hello Rob.
    Very nice job and very helpful.
    Is there a way to translate the content of the box in french.
    We promote your job on this website but there are a lot of people there that don't speak or read english and who would like to use your work.
    Thank you

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    Hi! Thank you for this script, I really love it. I wanted to give a holler here to say that I created a tutorial for complete beginners to using Cartocopia's Dungeon Map Maker script for GIMP and creating nice maps. It took me a lot longer to write this than the combined time of finding the script, learning to use it, and producing the map that became Figure 4 in this tutorial! The tutorial is probably too basic for many of the power users here, but I'm hoping it will be of use to at least a few people. Enjoy!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Viper View Post

    Yes I did. But still hides the bottom. On my laptop, which is 1024x768 everything is displayed except for the very bottom choices. But i played with it and found that 3 Tabs and then Enter will execute the script. On my desktop, which is 1366x768 more is hidden so I don't know yet what all i have to press to get the script to execute. But I will play with it.

    Apologize for the necro post...but noticed no one had a solution for Viper and figured someone could use this information in the future. Normally, for windows that are too large for a screen display area, simply holding the ALT key and dragging the window up will work. I have to do this all the time on my netbook, since the display area is so small.

    BTW, this script is literally the best thing since sliced bread. I mean it!
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    ...and when holding the ALT key and dragging the window up won't work?

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    I'm having the same problem, the buttons hide at the bottom. Also, since you cannot resize the window, the other solutions do not apply. What can we do? Could RobA update the file?

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    So, I just found this because I'm making some new maps. Having the same window problem, I think it's related to 2.8.

    Would love for Rob to revisit necropost and update the script to be more user friendly, but in the meantime, two solutions:

    1. the only buttons missing are the execute buttons (as far as my system is concerned) and you can just commit the changes by pushing alt+O or Shift tab *twice* from the first entry.

    2. You could turn your screen display sideways (ctrl+alt+right_arrow on windows) and see the whole window from there.

    Great script man, thanks for the work on it, going to save me a ton of time.

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    The window size is a limit of script-fu - you can't do anything about it from the script - I'd have to port the whole thing over to python to change it at the moment.

    There is a thread over at Gimp-Ghat where someone has recompiled to provide scrolling in script-fu dialogs:

    Script-Fu Interface Scrolling Modification V1.0 Official Release ? GIMP Chat


    -Rob A>

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