Awards for content/contests
Image Name / Description
Featured Map Scroll Featured Map Scroll
Awarded for having a submission chosen as a featured map.

Annual Challenge Winners' Globe Annual Challenge Winners' Globe
Awarded for winning the Annual Mapping Challenge!

Members who received this award: 1
Challenge Winners' Compass Challenge Winners' Compass
Awarded for winning the Monthly Mapping Challenge!

Lite Challenge Winners' Compass Lite Challenge Winners' Compass
Awarded for winning the Monthly Lite Mapping Challenge!

Tutorial Author Tutorial Author
Awarded for hosting a 5-compass rated tutorial at this site.

Members who received this award: 75
Robbie, Patrakis, ravells, pyrandon, Bohunk, waldronate, RobA, HandsomeRob, Torq, Anna, Duvik, torstan, Gamerprinter, su_liam, Midgardsormr, NeonKnight, Schley, jfrazierjr, Sirith, Redrobes, Soixante, mogul76, terminal, delgondahntelius, Clercon, overwatch, JFJohnny5, Hapimeses, rpgmapmaker, Ascension, dhalsimrocks, Gandwarf, Naeddyr, Ra-Tiel, jezelf, Sagenlicht, Nomadic, Larb, tcberry, craggles, Hoel, pasis, woekan, Flawedspirit, overlordchuck, Ramah, vehrka, kjdavies, Gidde, ironmetal250, paradox_wanderer, Hai-Etlik, darklingrisen, Quabbe, Tear, Coyotemax, Sapiento, a2area, Djekspek, Tom_Cardin, arsheesh, jbgibson, Meshon, Talmariel, OldGuy, jwbjerk, kimey, Moe, Hugo Solis, Schwarzkreuz, madcowchef, TheHoarseWhisperer, thamupp, Chick, Malicious-Monkey

Awards for miscellaneous participation
Image Name / Description
10 Year Anniversary Challenge 10 Year Anniversary Challenge
Awarded for participating in the 10 year anniversary celebration world mapping challenge.

Honorable Contributor Honorable Contributor
Awarded for contributing to the guild in a way that goes above and beyond general participation in threads and mapping subjects.

River Police Award River Police Award
This award is awarded to recognize official River Police deputies.

Delgondahntelius Faux Pas Delgondahntelius Faux Pas
"Awarded" for making a public faux pas and getting publicly called out for it.

Members who received this award: 2
delgondahntelius, arsheesh

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