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I may have mentioned that I'm buying a house. My wife and I have moved from Florida to Ohio and have been living in a small apartment with most of our home-making implements in storage (since we had a nice house in florida). This is all about to change because we're buying a nice smallish brick ranch house on 5 acres. I'm super excited about it because even though the living space is listed as only 1218 square feet, there's a full finished basement that is the same size as the house that's not considered "lliving space" because there's no egress. I'm ok with that.

So, next week we'll be closing on the house and beginning the move. This may make me a little scarce here for a few days, but ultimately I'll be around while I'm at my day job.

But I did mention moving EVERYTHING right?

Yes, that means the guild has to move too. I'm currently considering setting up a VPS account over at InMotion and moving us over to there until we get more ad/donation revenue. This will facilitate moving to a dedicated server and make it a little easier since we'll be in there system already. I've decided against DreamHost's dedicated server hosting because while they have great customer service and great business ethics, they've just had too much downtime lately and their datacenters have been plagued by DDOS attacks for some reason. I'm looking for a host that guarantees 99.9% uptime and I'd like a big beefy server to make this website scream!

So, if anyone has any suggestions for US based (or overseas with english speaking support) burstable vps servers with the ability to eventually upgrade to dedicated without having to go through a major move process linux based web hosting company that has good prices and 99.9% guaranteed uptime...please comment and I'll check them out.
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  1. arsheesh's Avatar
    Unfortunately I have absolutely no experience with upgrading servers, so I have no suggestions to offer. Just wanted to wish you all the best in your family's big move. My wife and I just recently moved over to New Zealand, and I know how crazy it can be trying to tackle everything involved in such a move. I hope your family's transition is a smooth one.