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    I started building my GIS. I used the not-to-scale map of Golarion available almost anywhere to estimate the Inner Sea's location on the planet. Since Golarion is the same size as Earth, It made it easy to scale until the measure tool and the printed scale-bar agree.
    Now I have a georeferenced image of the Inner Sea.

    Last night I finished the polygons for the nations. All 39 of them. They are named but I haven't added any more information yet. I'll be doing that when I closely examine each one and place cities and towns.
    Today I will be working on the River Kingdoms. I'll create polygons for the territories and then place the cities and towns. I will probably also note river directions.

    Stage One will be information. Basically building a database.
    Stage Two will be analyzing the land features and trying to come up with a fairly realistic topographic map. Rivers will be the biggest indicators.
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    Quote Originally Posted by johnvanvliet
    take a look at the software Qgis
    Thanks for the advise.
    I will be using ArcGIS. I am thinking of switching to the open source QGIS but at this time I am more concerned with producing some results than in taking the time to learn some new software. I'll be looking into QGIS for publishing the finished web map as well.
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    take a look at the software Qgis