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    Abrahadarba, again, I appreciate the feedback.

    I thought I made it clear in my last response, but I'll reiterate... the map right here was one step in a longer process. This version is irrelevant now. Please see the semi-finished version with a border in the album I linked to in my previous response.

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    I noticed that a lot of the erosive force you've expressed in the image have carried over into the ocean levels - if you can, can I suggest that you ease off on the erosion below sea levels? Oceans - while having a powerful erosive force - tend not to have a lot of incising and such in the ground supporting it; just nit-picking really...
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    abrahadarba, thanks for taking the time to comment and provide feedback. This map has gone through some updates. Here's a link to my WIP album for that map. As for more details like lakes and such, since this is a world map, only the largest and most prominent bodies of water will be shown. This world map has changed many times over the years and is sort of an evolving project until I actually start publishing the novels that go with it. Some version of this map may show inhabited areas and named regions and such, but not this particular map. With the exception of a few touch-ups I still want to do this version of this map is pretty much finished (see the link above for further progress). I'm working on some different projections and alternate presentations of this map, but I haven't had much progress lately.

    As for the mountains/land/ocean floor shaping is all done in Fractal Terrains and another program called Wilbur. Those applications allow me to plug in numerical values to shape the land and such to create incising and erosion. Then once I'm done with all that I do the artistic stuff in Photoshop.
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    As someone looking to produce a similarly executed image, I can say you have a quality piece of work there...
    if I may be so bold, however: the desert areas look a little bright to me - you might want to adjust them to look a little darker/more matted..?
    I'd be interested in seeing this piece with river systems & lakes included (if there are any), and then another layer sporting inhabited areas (did you work with a tectonic layer as well? Some of the mountainous areas look a bit unnatural - just an opinion...)
    How did you generate the mountain shadowing?
    Great work - keep on it

    (I just spotted all the river systems: it could use some lakes/inland seas in my humble opinion)
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    Looks really great! Great job on the mountains, and the colors are nice too. Just an FYI, I don't think many people check the blog posts so if you don't get much in the way of feedback that's probably why.