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  1. Album

    Does any one can tell me, How to upload a map I did in CC3 or how to make an album to share with the community?

    Mucho Thanks,
  2. Hand drawn maps


    Does anyone know how to actually draw an accurate map of the real world by hand? I understand that there can be some difficult mathematics behind it but it would be great if someone could help simplify it for me.

    Hope to hear from someone soon.


  3. just some thoughts

    --- need to add images still ---

    being in i would say a small subsection of the Big " Maps and Cartography" category

    the " photo realistic " area

    i tend to work with imaging data from spacecraft and hence tend to not want labels and grid lines and compasses on the image

    although this is not from photographic images of Mars
    but a charcoal sketch map from looking through a telescope
    ( looking ...
    Guides - for 3d
  4. *.jpg artifacts

    All of us have some pet peeve ,or more than just a few sometimes


    most of my time in digital image restoration is trying to REMOVE and undo these "cow pucks "

    Now the use of jpg / jpeg image format on the net is one of those necessary evils
    ( like messing up the incantation Gort: "Klaatu barada n?? n something ??? necktie ," when ash picks up the Necronomicon )
    --- shop ...

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  5. hi and place holder

    just a place holder for know
    seeing what works
    google+ / picassa albums

    a green Mars
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	gm.png 
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Size:	987.3 KB 
ID:	68798

    a 1080 HD vid of the Earth at night map i made ( 65538x32768 px)
    --- Click on HD 1080 and FULL SCREEN and sit back ---

    Updated 11-01-2014 at 02:51 AM by johnvanvliet

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