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  1. The Adventures of Calan Stonebridge Part Six

    Calan Stonebridge was shoved towards the large dock. He was chained to a large man in front of him and a tall woman behind him. His captors stood on the dock wearing looks of annoyance. "Is this the best you could do? A farmer a boy and a woman? The master will not be pleased" The man who had shoved Calan snorted. Gesturing towards the large man he said "This one is strong as an ox. Killed 2 men in the pit last night barely raised a breath. The woman well you know what they fetch ...
  2. The Adventures of Calan Stonebridge Part Five

    This is Part Five of the text only version of The Adventures of Calan Stonebridge.

    Calan Stonebridge nearly fainted as he was roughly pulled to a standing position. The man that had grabbed him was tall and muscular. Calan struggled out of instinct knowing that he had no hope of escaping this brute. "Put me down !" he tried to shout but fear made his words come out in a squeak. The large man laughed and began to carry Calan towards the open door. Calan tried again in vain ...
  3. The Adventures of Calan Stonebridge Part Four

    This is Part Four of the text only version of the Adventures of Calan Stonebridge

    Calan Stonebridge wondered how much pain the human body could endure before it simply quit. He had spent the last unknown amount of hours cramped into an uncomfortable shape clinging to the bottom of a wagon as it sped along a rough dirt track. The sun had begun to set as finally the wagon groaned to a halt. He fell with ah grunt to the hard earth and scurried behind a small building. He had no idea ...

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  4. Sometimes A Map is Just A....MAP

    It's not a new idea. It's brought up quite frequently in discussions here at the forum. A map in it's most basic form is a way to distribute information. Here is point A here is point B and here is what in between those two points and how far it is from A to B. See? I just made a map and didn't draw a thing. Obviously it isn't always that simple. Sometimes we need to know about point C or even point X to make an informed choice on where to go. We create worlds that require climate data and geological ...
  5. The Difference Between "Telling a story" & Being LAZY

    Ah yes the story... If you follow my work you know that for me a map is just another way to tell a story. I fill them with bits and bobs and all kinds of "fluff" that helps the viewer see my vision. I'd like to think I'm pretty good at it. One of the things I'm not so good at is making it all fit together and make sense. My worst most immediate problem is scale. I hate it I struggle with it and it makes my most "clever" maps at best useless and at worst garbage. I do a lot of ...

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