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  1. Map Related Job Interview

    I just completed a phone interview for a position as a software developer with OpenGeo, an organization that develops a variety of Open Source GIS software. I think it went really well and it sounds like I'll probably be contacted for a face to face interview.
  2. Dumb Grows, Well, Dumber...

    Sorry, I've been off the map for so long. I've been meaning to get to my epic city map, but I just spent the last three months driving around the country on storm duty. However, I did chat with Arcana a while back and he had advised that blogs on this site are not limited to just map blogs, so I thought I'd post one of my none map blogs that has a lot of character and is not too long, so here goes:

    Meet Kishrub and Zulbash, a pair of “hug at your own risk” big dumb ...

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  3. Let's Make A World!!!!!

    I am wanting to make a world for a while. A world that can be used in whatever facet people want. I am taking suggestions for world name and what type of world it will be. The entire initial WIP Maps will be hand drawn by me and then scanned. I am fine with people using my scans to put it into another program and enhance it. I want people to have an input but not everyone will get exactly what they want due to the fact that it is a group thing and the fact that I am limited by my own drawing skills. ...
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  4. Cartographic Wishlist.

    Just a reminder list of things to do and things I'd like to do.

    Works in Progress
    • Finish Oakfall.
    • Start rendering that.. mountain lake island map.

    • Manually brush-inked map, preferably around A3 or A2 sized.
    • Cities.
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  5. Current mapping

    I took a Hiatus. Currently I'm working through Arsheesh's Eriond Tut, I think Kjdavies mountain Tut might make things easier as far as mountains that fit the land height map, Kjdavies' technique lends itself to building the mountain straight from the area you want it in rather than alot of erasing and blending. Just emport those land layers and use the area you want as a mountain in that process, I haven't tried it yet but I will tomorrow and if i post a WIP it'll reflect that.
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