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  1. thoughts and draft of a guide

    Always been a big fan of a class of software called " time killers" and some games that can be called that .

    writers and painters and every artist has " writers block" or " just NO inspiration "
    Time wasters have a need sometimes , and sometimes the output CAN BE USED !!!

    PySolFC --cool game
    BZ-Flag --cool game
    Minesweeper -- a time killer

    sims that recreate ...

    Updated 10-22-2015 at 03:38 AM by johnvanvliet

    Guides - for 3d
  2. A New Start... Geoff's Handbooks

    Not to long ago there was a request in the forums for a cookbook written by one Geoff. The problem was... The site that hosted the document was no longer active and therefore removed from the interwebs. Remembering the Internet Archive, having need of it for a Blender tutorial I did many years ago, I started the hunt for Geoff's Climate Cookbook and found a copy of it. While starting to read Geoff's Cookbook, I found a link that lead to another, severely detailed, page on Creating an Earthlike ...

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  3. Reason for Donating

    I already feel like this page will be invaluable to me, as I learn the tools of the trade. Thank you to the founders and community that keep it running!

  4. The Land of Illithia

    Hello everyone my name is Sam. I only recently found this website and its community, and so far what I have seen is fantastic! There are so many talented artists here, and just by browsing through maps and drawings alike I feel extremely inspired. I would love to be part of this community, since it is full of people who share my passion for fantasy, storytelling, D&D and my new found hobby, cartography. Below is one of the first maps I've ever created, it is part of a long term D&D project, ...

    Updated 07-04-2015 at 11:42 AM by Sam Jacobs Kline

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  5. Learning an Isometric Trick (easier than expected!)

    I had previously thought that there was no hope of sussing out the operations nescessary to wrangle a square grid down onto an axonometric plane.
    As it turns out, with help from a very straightforward little tutorial I found (, the solution was in fact very simple to deduce.
    The secret ingredient was the very precise scale transform step - profuse thanks to Olga Bikmullina for simply giving the answer. ...

    Updated 04-14-2015 at 10:29 AM by Baile nam Fonn (Meshon's comment prompted better description of link)

    WIP - Ernie'sTome
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