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  1. Some more information about the USN

    Quote Originally Posted by AzurePlanet View Post
    Hello everybody,
    I'm happy to share with you my just "finished" map.
    Here you can have a look at the original WIP.
    [...] You can think about the USN as a contemporary place on Earth, it is not a fantasy or sci-fi world.
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    This is definitely my own favourite Fictional Place.

    Before starting to tell you how I invented it, just a note to point out some basic issues:


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  2. Holy lost admin duties batman!

    So, The past couple of years have been a roller coaster ride for me. And luckily the site has survived the turmoil thanks to the dedication and hard work of the community leaders and ALL of you members that continue to post here and drive this community to be what it is today. For that I thank you all, and I also thank you all for your continued support in keeping this place funded. I've been spending quite a bit of time these last few days getting back in the saddle with my admin duties in order ...
  3. thoughts and draft of a guide

    Always been a big fan of a class of software called " time killers" and some games that can be called that .

    writers and painters and every artist has " writers block" or " just NO inspiration "
    Time wasters have a need sometimes , and sometimes the output CAN BE USED !!!

    PySolFC --cool game
    BZ-Flag --cool game
    Minesweeper -- a time killer

    sims that recreate ...

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    Guides - for 3d
  4. A New Start... Geoff's Handbooks

    Not to long ago there was a request in the forums for a cookbook written by one Geoff. The problem was... The site that hosted the document was no longer active and therefore removed from the interwebs. Remembering the Internet Archive, having need of it for a Blender tutorial I did many years ago, I started the hunt for Geoff's Climate Cookbook and found a copy of it. While starting to read Geoff's Cookbook, I found a link that lead to another, severely detailed, page on Creating an Earthlike ...

    Updated 05-24-2016 at 09:21 AM by ltan (Updated links after a server crash. Everything is on my Google Drive now)

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  5. Reason for Donating

    I already feel like this page will be invaluable to me, as I learn the tools of the trade. Thank you to the founders and community that keep it running!

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