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  1. su_liam's Avatar
    The actual ridges look pretty good. This is fairly normal with professional TIN work: put a lot of points in where you expect a lot of detail, such as ridgelines, and be pretty sparse on relatively flat areas.

    One thing that might help would be to put more points out beyond the area of interest ad crop the result down. Unless you have a closed solid the edges are always going to be a problem area. The algorithm just doesn't know where things are going beyond the edge of your data. The center area of your mesh thus looks pretty good, so I think yez gots the right idea.
  2. Jaxilon's Avatar
    This is crazy business but I'm rather intrigued by it. Half of me is saying, "what the heck?" and the other half is wondering if this thing really does what I think it does. I shall await your next update.
  3. tilt's Avatar
    congrats on your new blog ... and sounds very interesting what you're planning to do