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  1. Chick's Avatar
    Awesome! So glad to see you active, and fabulous job with the recent changes!
  2. jtougas's Avatar
    Everything seems to be working great. I'm so glad the guild is doing so well
  3. arsheesh's Avatar
    Congratulations on a successful move with only limited injuries! Six years ago my wife and I packed a U-Haul full of our worldly possessions and moved from Corvallis Oregon down to La Habra Orange County. At the end of a 28 hour journey (with only about two hours of sleep), we made it into our apartment complex where I misjudged the height of the height of the back end of the U-Haul and, while turning into an alleyway, promptly plowed into an overhanging wooden rail. Cost us nearly $2,000 in damages, and would have cost a bunch more if we hadn't purchased travel insurance for the U-Haul. Anyway, hope you enjoy the new place.

  4. arsheesh's Avatar
    Unfortunately I have absolutely no experience with upgrading servers, so I have no suggestions to offer. Just wanted to wish you all the best in your family's big move. My wife and I just recently moved over to New Zealand, and I know how crazy it can be trying to tackle everything involved in such a move. I hope your family's transition is a smooth one.

  5. Robbie's Avatar
    Nope, I don't have any expectations for blog entries other than keeping with the general spirit of the site. And by spirit, I mean that this is a mature and responsible community and we avoid political, religious, and foul language debates, etc. As long as you stay calm and don't try to incite problems on your CG blog, staying on topic is not a requirement.

    However, keep in mind your blog is public and will be available for everyone to see. That includes our new PR guy. If a blog post is on topic and deemed relevant, it might get promoted to the front page and possibly shared to twitter and facebook, etc...
  6. jlficks's Avatar
    Thanks for putting up such a great site! I do have a blog related question that I've been wondering about for awhile, but given that you just made yourself available here I think I'll ask.

    I was wondering about content expectations on the blog. Do you want all blog entries to be map related? I had refrained from posting some of my other blog entries on this site since not all were map related. I'm ok with whatever your preferences are. I've just finished a city map I'd like to blog about soon.

    Thanks again for the great site and content.