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Almost finished Parchment style map, Need Guides

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by , 09-27-2012 at 10:19 PM (16319 Views)
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After Finished My 1st map, I’ve Decided to create another map with different style, using Jezelf parchment map Tutorial, and lil bit my Imagination, It’s took at least 4 day to get this result (perhaps more since this was my 1st Map Project Actually, but changed due to confusion on tutorial before).


Well, I REALLY want to ask you, if anything from my map look’s Bad?, so maybe I can Change, or did something Missing?, so I can add some more detail. Perhaps, you think I need to remove something due to Error?. How About the labeling? Maybe i need to change the font, or resize, change position?
Your Comment, Feedback, and Critique are really Appreciated.

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