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Let's Make A World!!!!!

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by , 07-06-2012 at 04:28 AM (719 Views)
I am wanting to make a world for a while. A world that can be used in whatever facet people want. I am taking suggestions for world name and what type of world it will be. The entire initial WIP Maps will be hand drawn by me and then scanned. I am fine with people using my scans to put it into another program and enhance it. I want people to have an input but not everyone will get exactly what they want due to the fact that it is a group thing and the fact that I am limited by my own drawing skills. I will also be uploading some of the mistakes I make so that I can learn from them and the community can learn in case they run into the same type of problems. Feel free to comment. Let's make this fun and interesting!!!!!!!!!
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    I've had a bit of a idea in mind to try doing a collaborative whole world project myself. However my idea is more along the lines of building up a GIS data set collaboratively, and then producing maps from that once the world is fully designed.

    If you're interested in incorporating something like that into your project, I'd be happy to handle the technical geodesy and GIS stuff.