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To blog or not to blog?

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by , 01-16-2013 at 09:31 AM (9025 Views)
In the midst of creative giants, I walked, gaping in awe and admiring what can only be described as a legacy to all mankind. Here it lay, hidden away in a remote part of the Internet, and it was I who had found it. But, who would believe me, were I to rave about what I had found, as justice, itself, no doubt demands of me? Cartographic ecstasy! Mapping delirium! A temple of world-charting artisans well-versed in the intricacies of creation.

But, who am I to glimpse such majestic undertakings? What fate awaits an interloper, such as I? I am not the Chosen One. Rather, I chose to intrude - but what man could resist temptation such as this, the handiwork of the Cartographic Holy?

The vault was not locked. I simply strolled in. Even Wonka takes precautions. But here, my presence is tolerated. Could it be that this is my sentence? To gaze and to behold, whilst I, myself, die slowly from lack of artistic talent, painfully bereft of artistic skill? The torment is great, but from each map, I draw strength to continue this journey.

It is the Heart of Mystery how these great works have been achieved. Their talent on full display, their skill in plain sight, their results here lie gleaming.

I am humbled by such prowess.

It has been almost six years since I stumbled upon this sanctuary of mapping delight. It is high time that I begin to record my journey, to archive it for the benefit of any future such travelers, such as I.

To what end? To what purpose? In the midst of all these cartographic flowers, why plant the thorns of words? Paradise fallen may well ensue. Dare I risk it?

Indeed, I dare! If such a curse should transpire, and all that lies within these walls should cease as a result, then may the weight of such a monstrous curse be upon my brow, rather than upon that of another.

Until such dire calamity strikes, let the chronicle ensue. I shall lie dormant, no longer.

The blessings of God on this place! What greatness he has wrought through the craftsmanship of His anointed, these Cartographers of Divine Realms, the evidence of which lays strewn at every turn within these walls, which encompass a treasure greater than that of El Dorado fame.
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