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Getting Back On The Horse... (so to speak)

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by , 05-30-2014 at 07:40 PM (274 Views)
Well here I am again. Another long absence and another challenge to get me back into the swing. I think I've figured out what happens to me during these "sabbaticals" I take. I tend to have several hundred ideas going round in my head (rather like a hamster that has had a Haste spell cast on it) and sometimes I try to go off and do them all or the biggest one and go directly from inspired to overwhelmed to burnt out all in the span of days. Identifying the problem is key to finding the solution right? Now I will admit that I WANT a compass really really BAD. I've been entering challenges for about 4 years now and haven't got one yet. That may sound petulant but that's not how I mean it. There are fantastic artists in this guild and I am honored to be among them learning and being inspired by them. I think when I go off mapping for a while and come back, I am too focused on winning that elusive compass and not focused enough on enjoying my work and staying within my strengths. I love to learn new techniques and new ways of doing things, but I am pretty good at doing my "style" of maps. For this challenge (May/June) I am getting back on the horse that brought me to the Guild and having a good time doing it and sometimes that is what matters most.
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