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City Mapping (or the one way ticket to the asylum....)

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by , 06-04-2014 at 02:33 AM (428 Views)
I've noticed lately that there are quite a few city maps popping up here at the Guild. I think that is great. mappers are bravely going off to map these labyrinths of streets and buildings and getting it right. I wonder what the base fear we all have of cities is? Does it have to do with filling ALL that empty space with buildings? Is it getting it to look like something other than a neat orderly grid? If you're anything like me orderly just doesn't feel right. I love a maze of twisted alleys along with the lazer straight main streets. I am a huge fan of the "typical" fantasy city, meaning that the further you get from the "money" and the "power" the more narrow and dangerous the streets become. Cities built on the edge of cliffs and with differing terrain fascinate me too. I love to "walk" through these cities imagining all the adventures that wait down every dimly lit alley and cobbled street. Keep them coming !!
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