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Burnout..or is it I just can't make it do what I want?....

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by , 09-24-2010 at 11:22 PM (2047 Views)
I think there should be a warning label on this site..something like, "Warning. studies have shown that the Cartographer's Guild can be addictive in certain individuals..." I am one of those individuals. Now I DO have a job..well sort of I have been a restaurant manager for most of my adult life. I started right out of the military in 1990 and have been doing it ever since. Recently the company that I work for has "downsized" closing 5 of the 15 restaurants it owns including mine. I still work for them on a very part time basis mostly consulting over the phone and that is going to come to a stop fairly quick as well. SO that means that I have a LOT of time to sit in front of my computer with some "metal" playing in the background and GIMP working on the screen. It's almost like I'm 15 again and drawing this giant map on the wall next to my bed while listening to Exodus in the head phones. Riverhewn seemed like a good place to start. I mean I know that city pretty well. As it turns out that wasn't such a great idea. I can't seem to make it do what I see in my head. Now whether that's because of my lack of talent or just my level of OCD I'm not sure. What I do know is that I have been spending hours and hours working on it and getting more and more frustrated with it. I like to think that I'm not a quitter I'm way too stubborn for that so Riverhewn will still get loaded up in GIMP and stared at and manipulated from time to time but there's other things I'd like to try. Like a regional map of Shendenflar or maybe a "encounter" scaled map of the "Grinning Goblin" tavern. I think I just finished my September/October challenge map and I like it. Now if I could just get to like this ogre named Riverhewn again.....

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