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Mapping Elements and Fear.....

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by , 10-04-2012 at 11:42 PM (483 Views)
Sometimes this place can be a bit... intimidating. There are so many talented people making so many nice maps that sometimes it can be a bit frighting. I'm fairly secure in my belief in my own talent when it comes to encounter map making and story telling and in a less secure way my large scale map making skills. One area that I had NO confidence in was my ability to create objects. You know, the little details that make an encounter map. Barrels and crates and horses and things like that. There are some very very talented people out there making these things and I was just scared to look stupid next to them. I am currently working on a series of encounter scaled maps chronicling the adventures of a young boy on his first adventure. This means I need a LOT of objects. I enjoy creating a "scene" in a map and all the little details really make a difference. Now I happily use other artists objects. I would be silly not to with the quality of stuff that is out there. I always credit the creator and provide a link to where I got the object from. Sometimes however you just can't find what you are looking for. Take today for instance. I needed a "fighting" pit for the current installment of the Calan Stonebridge series. I thought about it for a moment and realized that if I put my mind to it I could probably make one. It's basically a structure and I'm pretty good at making those. To sum up I made one and it came out (IMO) very well. I was proud enough of it that I posted it in the "Mapping Resources" forum. GO ME !! I have a new confidence in my ability to create these things now and I'm sure I will be making a lot more. My point to all of this is: If you want to try something DO IT. don't be scared that your work won't be "good enough" If YOU like it that is all that matters. And don't be afraid to post it I'd be willing to bet that other people will like it too....

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