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Over Here Over There Oh Wait....Over THERE Too....

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by , 10-12-2012 at 09:49 AM (450 Views)
The human mind is pretty amazing. I'm fascinated by mine. How can it possibly keep coming up with idea after idea and then chasing after said ideas like a puppy chasing a ball. I was happily working on my "Adventures of Calan Stonebridge" encounter map series and a long shelved project was suddenly unearthed by my brain like a child finding a dusty box in Grandmothers attic. I don't think I have ADD, I just think my brain is trying to get it's "to do" list done. Calan Stonebridge, The Darkness Falls project, oh and lets not forget the odd challenge here and there and the other two campaign settings I have working. It's no wonder I feel dizzy sometimes. Through all of this I am glad for the fact that I still love to do this. I still love the writing, the crafting, the just thinking about stuff that all of this requires. I will keep writing and mapping for as long as the ideas come and be grateful that they still come with such exuberance after all of these years.

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