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Inspiration or AGGRAVATION.....

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by , 10-25-2012 at 01:24 PM (433 Views)
We all know how much wonderful stuff there is here in the Guild. There are incredibly talented artists that inspire us and leave us in awe. I think that sometimes that can be a bad thing. Let me explain, I am currently working on a castle for my Darkness Falls:The Fall of the Kingdom of Shendenflar Project. Another member of the Guild is also working on a castle. This member is FAR more talented with this sort of thing then I am and to me that's not an issue. I am confident in my own skills and generally happy with what I turn out. I think the problem is this: Everyone wants to be better at what we do. Whether it's hitting a golf ball or running or writing or mapping. It's human nature to want to improve. I know I do I also know that I have improved since I joined the Guild. Sometimes however I feel as if I change my work because someone else is so good at something that I am trying to do. Inspiration is one thing but sometimes it turns into aggravation because my level of talent isn't at a point that allows me to create what other more talented cartographers can. I know that it's just silly. I am always talking about confidence and liking what you do. Sometimes I have to remind myself that I am actually pretty good at this and that the bottom line is I enjoy it. Sometimes it's important to step back and say "I like this. I made it to the best of my current ability and I like it" There is always the drive to be better. Remember to like what you are currently doing too....

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