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When Inspiration Flees...

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by , 03-09-2013 at 09:38 PM (655 Views)
As some of you may have noticed, I have a habit of disappearing occasionally. I will go like gang busters for 6 or so months and then for months at at time my footfalls will seldom be heard on the floors of the Guild. My creativity waxes and wanes as the phases of the moon. I've always been like that. I guess this is why my Kingdom of Shendenflar Campaign Setting has taken nearly 30 years to get to a basic level of "completion". I love the work and the creative energy that mapping entails but occasionally I just run out of ideas. That is where I find myself now. A long and lingering look at the projects undertaken during my last absence usually is enough to shake the fog out of my head. There is SO MUCH good work in these halls that it is difficult NOT to be inspired. Usually after a hiatus I jump in and join a challenge or go back to my old standby series work. Every so often I can sit for hours and have NOTHING come to me. Those are the times that truly scare me. The blank grey fog of nothingness that can envelop the mind and cloud all the brilliance inside. I'm sure I will emerge from the miasma of uninspiration and if it doesn't happen soon I will just force myself to start something and then the community feedback and support will engage my brain and re-fire my passion for this amazing hobby.
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    That is exactly the boat I find myself in time and again...
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