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New Year New Maps!

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by , 01-23-2014 at 04:09 PM (451 Views)
Right, its a New Year, and the first month has nearly gone already. I've updated my Profantasy programmes and dusted off my old campaign, warmed up photoshop and re-read several pdfs on doing decent mountains, some of which look fairly good. I am going to look forward to experimenting and creating some new maps for my world .

In the past year my roleplaying group has grown steadily and we have a good core of gamers who meet up every week in the local scout hut. I therefore have a good audience with which to present campaign ideas, environments and guessed it ! MAPS!!!!

The only thing now to stop me in my tracks is time! I have recently applied for teacher training and that might well trip me up in my time management of things: its fairly intensive for around 9 months.

Well, we can only see what happens. I do want to see if I can my mountains sorted out. If you have tips and tricks, or a technique you'd like to share pop it in a bottle and throw it my way. I'll be most grateful. Cheers and a belated Happy New Year to all you mapping folk.
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    I won't add anything from the Guild here as its the Guild site and you can find that sort of stuff here anyway, but the comments I leave will have have weblinks to what I have found out there in the ether...

    MOUNTAINS: A Week of Mapping Tips ? City Icons, Mountains and Aged Paper | Fantastic Maps

    'Borrowing from real life' Mountains [ coffee friendly author]:
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    Darn! Don't you hate it when REAL LIFE gets in the way of more important stuff! I am looking at your links to mountains tuts. Thanx for posting.