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by , 01-05-2013 at 02:17 PM (5560 Views)
So, I've made a little progress on the MapThing suite recently. Unfortunately it's not on HillThing though.

After recently spending an inordinately long time drawing, redrawing and shading a simple border I decided that I'd have a crack at automating some of the process. So I finally turned my attention to the newly re-christened BorderControl module for MapThing.

It's not feature-complete yet but I thought there was enough now to show a little of what it can do. So, first up a few examples...

Here is a simple boder created in the program with a few shadows and highlights added.


Next up, the exact same border imported into PS over several layers and the blend modes meddled with..


And lastly just a few more styles that can be easily accomplished in the program.


Elements are placed by simply dragging a box over the viewer and releasing. It automatically resizes the length of the neatline cells to suit the dimensions - either automatically adjusting the number of cells on the Y-axis and keeping the lengths equal or allowing it to be manually set for different scales on X and Y.

It can also add corner panels, grids, rhumb lines and a cartouche panel.

I have yet to add the ability to tile a pattern around the pattern bar element and I also want to add a simple pattern creator for helping me to make celtic knot style borders.

As it is though it's really easy to create a border in a few seconds and along with an action saved in PS or Gimp it's possible to create a nice border in a minute. Maybe not as big a time-saver as TreeThing can be but a time saver for me nevertheless.


  1. Sapiento's Avatar
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  2. arsheesh's Avatar
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    That's really cool Ramah!
  3. Ramah's Avatar
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    Cheers guys. Unfortunately it looks like finding the time to work on this project is going to be hard again for a while which is a bit of a downer... especially with this blog being so super popular. 2313 views? :s
    Hehe. That can't be right.
  4. Troedel's Avatar
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    Great work!
  5. Fluesopp's Avatar
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    I'm impressed! This is becoming a great tool. I would suggest you add support to add images (town symbols, castles, etc), and roads (and as a deviation, rivers). NameThing could even follow the curvature of the road/river?
    Keep up the good work.
  6. Jaxilon's Avatar
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    I just got here, somehow I never realized you were posting up in here. So cool, I'm interested in trying this out myself so I'll let you know if and when I do.
  7. vorropohaiah's Avatar
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    only saw this today! this is really great stuff. I'd love toget my claws into this and try it out. sadly i know nothing about coding sop not sure how helpful my feedback would be! keep up the good work
  8. Ramah's Avatar
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    Thanks guys.

    Jax, I haven't made BorderControl available yet as it is still very much a work in progress. Same as TextThing. I've not had much time to work on the program since I made this post but hopefully that will change soon.