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  1. A Troll in the Kissing Booth

    by , 11-06-2013 at 12:36 PM
    It's been a while. I decided to check up on the old mapping community. I kind of miss the simple joys of mapping prior to all the other fantasy I'm working on. I had meant to blog next about my epic city Doljinaar, City of Kings, but alas my toil has been for naught and I have thus far failed to create my epic city map. Trouble is, I have this idea for an epic vertical map I need to go alongside with my top view of the city I've completed already. Try and try as I may, I lack the art skills to pull ...
  2. Need assistance to create a new board game Ticket To Ride map

    by , 10-10-2013 at 02:14 PM
    Dear cartographers,

    I am looking for assistance to create a new Ticket to Ride map on Mongolia. I am starting to use Inkscape, though I have yet limited knowledge in using drawing softwares. 2 main challenges:
    1 - To create an elegant background, looking like old maps
    2 - To create an adjustable network of cities linked by connecting paths.

    Conditions for the city/path network:
    - I should be able to move the cities and have the connected paths ...
  3. World Map - Preview

    by , 05-02-2013 at 12:13 AM
    Here is a preview of my upcoming WORLD MAP, which includes my previous Vycana Strait map near the center-left area. The new map is 5000 x 2500.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Preview.png 
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ID:	54150
  4. The Vycana Strait - A Political Map

    by , 04-18-2013 at 12:31 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by Larion View Post
    After putting the map down, and picking it back up a few days later, I decided to make a large number of minor tweaks. Mostly name changes. I also changed population sizes to more accurately reflect medieval demographics. I added in dots that represent villages. And I made the mountains smaller but more plentiful

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	The Vycana Strait Final.png 
Views:	370 
Size:	1.95 MB 
ID:	53733
    - UPDATED VERSION - As of 4.18.13
  5. The Vycana Strait - A Political Map

    by , 04-08-2013 at 02:48 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by Larion View Post
    So this is a new style of map I've been working on. Rather than focus on geographical features like I normally do, I decided to go for a more political look. I made it entirely in photoshop from scratch, it took me a little over 3 hours, and I like the way it has turned out.

    I pulled inspiration from the American Civil War, with a North vs. South layout. For anyone who cares, the war is centered on slavery, hence the line near the bottom reading
    "Depicting the Second
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