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Current mapping

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by , 06-23-2012 at 10:41 PM (548 Views)
I took a Hiatus. Currently I'm working through Arsheesh's Eriond Tut, I think Kjdavies mountain Tut might make things easier as far as mountains that fit the land height map, Kjdavies' technique lends itself to building the mountain straight from the area you want it in rather than alot of erasing and blending. Just emport those land layers and use the area you want as a mountain in that process, I haven't tried it yet but I will tomorrow and if i post a WIP it'll reflect that.

Plus RPGmapmaker's one Tut works on my old copy of photoshop elements, so i can throw the file into it and see if I can get some interesting stuff that way, after the generation phases in GIMP and Wilbur.
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