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Move what?

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by , 04-30-2012 at 07:30 AM (2048 Views)
I moved into my new house this weekend. Been off the grid the whole time mostly, except for the ability to check a few things from my phone. I'm happy to see this place it at least still here! I know my CLs would have notified me if something bad happened.

Anyways, the move went off without a hitch. We had a truck on Friday and filled it with quite a bit of stuff, all the furniture, and a bunch of boxes. We had to leave behind some things, and we went back to get them on Saturday which proved to be a lot of work considering how wore out we were from the Friday move effort.

Then began the task of putting everything together and in its place. We have a few well water problems we're going to have to work out, but overall it's nice. I'll probably have to replace the hot water heater soon too. We got our bedroom arranged, bought some shelving for the closet, bought new locks, a new shower head, some fittings to connect the water supply to the fridge, and some general miscellaneous new house things.

While installing the fittings to get water to the fridge's ice maker, I managed to bust my head open on a key that was in the garage door right by the fridge. That put a damper on things for the rest of the evening, so after my wife cleaned up my wound we just sat on th ebed and chilled out til bedtime.

Waking up for the first work morning was pretty cool. Set the alarm for 5:30, got a shower, and when I was done the wife was ready with coffee. Had plenty of time to sit and relax and enjoy the coffee before attempting my first cross-Dayton-area drive to work in the morning. Made it to work at 7am almost on the dot before the gate traffic backed up too. I think this is going to work out great! Loving the new place!

We get our internet turned on tomorrow so I'll be able to spend more time here from home once that happens and I get my office set up, but overall I'm back from the long weekend and ready to see where this week takes me!
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    Congratulations on a successful move with only limited injuries! Six years ago my wife and I packed a U-Haul full of our worldly possessions and moved from Corvallis Oregon down to La Habra Orange County. At the end of a 28 hour journey (with only about two hours of sleep), we made it into our apartment complex where I misjudged the height of the height of the back end of the U-Haul and, while turning into an alleyway, promptly plowed into an overhanging wooden rail. Cost us nearly $2,000 in damages, and would have cost a bunch more if we hadn't purchased travel insurance for the U-Haul. Anyway, hope you enjoy the new place.